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James Last. He released more than albums. He earned gold and 17 platinum discs.

The critics never liked him. So what?! The unique combination of a marching rhythm and a groovy tune is really something else - most suitable for cage-dancing and other delights. Just give it a spin and watch what happens.

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Mr Last, now approaching 80, stills tours the world today. Mary Roos: Blauer Montag. Her impeccable, effortlessly flowing singing style is simply the bomb. It was the beginning of a long and successful career in music, which has lasted up to this day.

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Though her talents were sometimes wasted on mediocre Schlager, Miss Roos recorded quite a few stand-out albums - some of them even in French. Besides his numerous studio and live commitments he nurtured such exciting solo projects as the Klaus Weiss Orchestra. Play it loud and - get it on bang a gong!

Hildegard Knef: Holiday Time. On top of a killer bassline, Hilde delivers a psychedelic proto-rap that has to be heard to be believed. Is this the moment when hip-hop was born?!

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The Dometown Gang: Rock In. It was the brainchild of Heinz Gietz , owner of the groovy Cornet label. Mr Gietz - who wrote, arranged and produced the song - was a real music heavyweight. Rolf Wilhelm: Do It Yourself. He scored more than TV and film productions. Peter Fuhrmann played by Erik Schumann. Seven singles were issued between and Right from its opening fuzz guitar hook the ultra-fast stomper is simply irresistible Achtung : for experienced dancers only!

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After three singles and one album the original line-up parted ways for good. Joy pursued a solo career while the rest of the group tried their luck in the Kraut-Rock genre. A much discussed low-point of her long career was the 17th place at the Eurovision Song Contest.

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  6. Even today the full-figured matron still belts out the blues like there was no tomorrow. Some of these books are available in both English and German which encourages the learning of two languages.

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    The stories are familiar and known without understanding every word of the second language. The old classic stories teach the values, traditions, culture, and ethics we all need to know and try to live by. These are all necessary skills that make us better understand the needs of others and help us develop emotional intelligence.

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