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Beginners Guide To Vertical Gardening - Your Roadmap To A Beautiful Garden eBook: Barbara Kennedy: Kindle Store.
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Benefits of Growing a Vertical Garden

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The hostel offers swimming pool, parking, a beautiful garden, night security, internet access and breakfast. Come and visit the Costa do Cacau, blessed by nature! Two years ago this week, our tiny Floret Team huddled in my dining room to celebrate the release of my book, Cut Flower Garden. Virtually every day I get notes from readers who share that the book inspired them to grow flowers for the very first time. I love hearing their stories of tucking some flowers into their veggie patch or even tilling up part of their backyard to create their own cut flower garden.

The most gratifying, however, are the letters from readers who want to let me know how much joy flowers have brought to their lives. These personal notes mean the world to me. My goal in writing the book was to encourage others to plant more flowers and cultivate more beauty in the world. So it is thrilling to learn that the book has helped so many people do just that. Incredibly, the book is now in its 11th printing, after selling more than 85, copies.

It is amazing to see the many far-flung places across the globe that this little book has traveled. In addition to being featured in many magazines, the book received the prestigious American Horticultural Society Book Award. Another fun fact: Cut Flower Garden may have a cameo appearance in the background of an upcoming television show! Book 3 is going to be dedicated exclusively to dahlias. A huge thank you goes to Floret readers who responded to past surveys and weighed in on your favorite flower varieties.

Your feedback was instrumental as we debated the focus for the next book. To express my gratitude and to celebrate the many flowers growing across the globe thanks, in part, to Cut Flower Garden , I thought it would be fun to do a giveaway. Three lucky Floret readers will receive a deluxe gift set filled with Floret magic. The goody box includes a signed copy of the book, an assortment of Floret seeds, our garden journal, notebook trio, plus a few other surprises. To enter to win, simply post a comment below. In it, please share what flower you are most excited to grow or give others this season.

We have a spam filter that requires we approve comments before they are published. A huge congratulations to our 3 winners: Alice Ta, Lynette L. Free seeds are available March , or while supplies last. I may never take the leap, but following your floret flower journey has been, and will continue to be, a thrill!

I have given your book to about a dozen of my friends. All of them cherish it the way that I do! I love walking into their homes and seeing it on their coffee tables. For flower lovers everywhere, thank you for creating this book! I am so excited, just bought a piece of land where I want to grow my own veggies and flowers… cant wait to start. I came across your book on pinterest.

I am from Cape Town. Good day! My daughter Vita gave me Your book. I live in a townhouse near Moscow. I have of course the assistant a small, but I very keen on growing flowers , of course ,for bouquets in its house and in gift friends. You wrote a wonderful book! I read it every day! I hope I find peach blossoms. Unfortunately, you do not ship to Russia. I look forward to Your next books. Write more! My Best Wishes to Your family! You Bolshie Clever! Just came across Floret. Still looking around. Content is breathtaking!!!!

I cant stop looking and reading. I can tell their is passion and love in what you do!!! I unknowingly have had your book in my saved Amazon shopping list for some time and just put the book to a place and a person now!!! I will be ordering for sure now! I am in love with this beautiful lady! So excited to see these beauties this summer. Thanks floret! I am SO SO excited for book 2 and 3 to come out!! Having grown up on another continent with a completely different soil and climate, and living in the suburbs of Chicago, your book has helped define my garden into a little slice of paradise!

Thank you Erin!! I am eternally grateful? This will be my second year of growing your beautiful and unique zinnias and I am looking forward to great results. I would love to have a copy of your book! I love your book and continually refer back to it. This year I am most looking forward to growing sweet peas for my friends wedding in July. I love the scent they just smell so good! Last year, I discovered your farm along with a plethora of flowers I have never heard of or considered growing. I bought a garden plot for the first time since leaving the midwest and filled half of it with flowers to share with my friends and to brighten my own apartment.

I was too late last year, and will not make that mistake again! Thank you so very much for sharing your knowledge and experience. Your writing and photographs are beautiful, informative and tremendously inspiring! Congratulations on the success of your first book and of everything you do. Congrats on the great success of your book! I was so excited when I received mine. It and you are definitely inspiring. My house is situated on a one-acre plot and I would love to fill that plot with gardens full of flowers. Alas, the ground is such hard-packed clay that it has been a struggle.

I have found that peonies have been successful to thrive in that clay, followed by zinnias that I start from seed, scattering packets over the bare earth in the spring. I asked for this book for Christmas when it first came out. I got it!!!! I began reading it immediately and planning out my area. I have wanted a cut flower garden from the time I saw my first zinnia at 5 in mamas garden.

[New] Beginners Guide To Vertical Gardening - Your Roadmap To A Beautiful Garden Exclusive Full

I am super excited to try sweet pea for the first time!!!! I just love your story, your gorgeous photos and encouragement throughout. To see a truck full of dahlias seems an impossible feat for a novice but you really make it attainable through your book.

I am a farmers market grower here in the state of Wisconsin. Last year I decided to buy Floret seeds for the first time. I am so glad I did!

Spring Gift Guide: Gardening Stuff for the Tree-Hugger or Plant-Grower in Your Life | Autostraddle

I had some of the most beautiful flowers to sell at market that I have ever had! Our favorites and buyers favorites were the sweet pea varieties that I sold from Floret. They were hardy and grew proficiently all summer long. The colors were so amazing! The only problem I seem to have from Floret seeds is having them be in stock to buy them!!! Thank you for offering so much free help to us small time growers, we really appreciate it. Love your seeds and the book has been my inspiration to become the best market grower I can be for my local community.

Thank you so much. So exciting! Your book helped inspire me to start my very own small flower farm??? Thank you Erin, wishing you much continued success!!! Would love to share your book with my dear friend Arabelle who lives in an apartment in N. Y with a small garden that she tends. I send her photos of my flower garden grown in New Zealand. Having discovered Floret and signed up for the monthly updates, I have been inspired to grow more flowers and am a Dahlia addict, just wish I was in the US to be able to have the bigger variety of color that I have seen via the updates…Thanks so much team Floret, Kind regards Helen.

I am looking forward to growing zinnias this year not only for cheerful bouquets for my table, but also for still life painting inspiration! Painting flowers is a passion of mine as it is a way to share my love of flowers with others. Congratulations, Erin and everyone at Floret Farm. Thank you for sharing your flower passion with all of us! A few years ago I grew them and my teen granddaughter was so impressed. I enjoy reading and re-reading your blogs and all the info, news, views and how-tos.

Thank you! Come on spring! How wonderful! I would love to own a copy of your amazing book and gain from your knowledge and experience. It would change the way I garden and in turn how my garden grows. Congratulations on your success and thanks for so generously sharing your growing tips. I have some Floret zinnia seeds in amazing colors thank you that I am very excited to plant this year. I live in hot southeast Nebraska where they should do just fine in beds in our big vegetable garden.

Congratulations on the success of your first book and thank you for writing more! Congratulations Team Floret! Well done!! Also, to learn how to incorporate them into edible dishes and home decor: Love your blog!! Thanks for the nice information that you make so readily available to all! Cindy E. This is our first spring in our first home! Spring needs to be here sooner. Also, the Iceland poppies sherbet mix :. I just received my first seed order from Floret, and I am excited to start my first cut garden.

Congratulations on the success with your book deals and thank you for sharing them with us! Your work was what inspired me to start my own mini cut garden. Your book is amazing! I am so excited about the Peony chapter, my neighbors and I will be planting an acre of peonies hopefully this year. Congratulations to you and your team! Do you do tours of your property? I will be visiting WA sometime soon! Thank you for all you beauty! I just discovered your book and it has pulled me through these last dreary days of winter. I will be converting some of my front lawn into a flower bed and I am most excited to plant and enjoy Iceland poppies.

Thank you for planting so much beauty in the world! Hooray for the Floret Team!! My garden will have flax this year. I love the color of the blue flowers, and will later use the fiber inside the stalks for spinning on my antique spinning wheels. Such wonderful news!!! Bundles of frilly, fragrant, pastel sweet peas.

I love to grow and cut Hyacinths, tulips, and zinnias, but probably my favorite flower to cut and add to arrangements are Mountian Laurel blooms and Bougainvilleas! You are an inspiration! Such beautiful flowers, and pictures of flowers. With feet of snow still on the ground up here in Northern Ontario, Canada, I am looking forward to when my Japanese anemone poke through the ground. They look so delicate and romantic, yet their unwavering return in spring after temperatures for months, always fills me with awe. Also, although not technically a flower, my grape kiwi is just as tough, and refuses to be bullied by a frozen landscape!

Again, thank you for all your encouraging words, and easy to understand tutorials. I always get excited when I see something in my inbox from Erin at Floret. I planted about bulbs last fall. I cannot wait to read the books to come! I am also waiting for the narcissus to finally pop up and for this long Chicago winter to end. And hoping the peonies I planted 2 falls ago finally give me some flowers. I am sooooooo excited about the new book news!!!!!? It is so exciting to watch you grow and inspire our industry!!

And ranunculus… Can't wait to read the new books! Congratulation on your truly amazing flower farm and all your knowledge that you explain so well. Sharing beautiful blooms grown with the my care and love that you have inspired in me. I would love to grow more tall and different colour antirrhinums this year. Many thanks Erin and team. What an exciting new chapter in your life! Thank you so much for making flower farming easy and accessible for those of us who are new to it. Your story and work is truly inspiring!

Also to try planting hyacinths, they smell so good and have such interesting shapes! I used to love to go buy flowers from the ladies downtown, which included a lot of zinnias. I just started a bunch of your Tiger Eye violas! My family has a coffee shop and we planted a bunch of them in the planters last year we bought the starts from a local nursery and customers commented on them practically every day!

So many exciting events on your horizon! Seattle girl here : After geeking out over a nasturtium a few years ago with a loved uncle, I find that they are among my favorite flowers now. Congratulations Floret Flower Team! How exciting for you! After what feels like a super long ,cold winter here in Alberta,Canada, I will be so grateful to get in the dirt and grow my all time favourite….. Congratulations on all this exciting news! Excited to add cosmos back in to my garden this year.

Also excited about my evergreen clematis, which is going mad right now with snowdrifts of blooms, and agapanthus. What an amazing time this is for you!

A Complete Guide to Vertical Gardening (On A Budget!) - Growing Food Made Simple

I just get so excited when i see your seeds! Your collection inspires my floral design work! You are so generous…sharing your knowledge with all of us. I can not wait to add your books to my gardening library. Thank you a million times for all you do! Thank you for years of growing information!!

What a beautiful book! I was so inspired to try new varieties after reading through it! I live in southern Utah and the climate is quite hot in the summer, cold, sometimes below freezing in the winter. Would love to grow carnations, sweetpeas, lilacs, lavender, dahlias, tulips, and many others. Until I can get my garden growing, my daughter has been sending me a cut flower bouquet every month.

So glad to have discovered your website, blog, book, and other resources. Gave you book to both my girls and other flower-loving family at Christmas. Thank you for sharing your gifts with the world. Peonies are my hands down favorite, but tulips and daffodils are not far behind.

We now have more sun in our backyard and I am looking forward to growing zinnias this summer. Alas, there is currently 4 feet of snow in my back yard so I am practicing patience. So excited for you and your book success! The hubby and I are going big and starting our cut flower farm this year. The news about your book rocks! I love that your knowledge, enthusiasm and generosity about flowers is spreading literally around the world. I appreciate all the education you share and am about to re-read your seed starting to I can get off to a good start with your seeds :.

Congratulations on the upcoming books! You have inspired me to start my first cut flower garden this year. I think I am most excited to grow zinnias. That is really exciting. They are my favorite fillers! Also, great thanks to Erin for posting the results of field trials. They are very informative and inspiring. My list of varieties to try just keeps expanding. Thank you for all you share with all us gardeners. I love your blog and I am most excited to grow ranunculus this year!

I have had limited success in the past but since I watched your video on it last fall I am encouraged to try again. Every year I am most excited about growing tulips. This year that excitement is matched by the beautiful new to me varieties of ranunculus that are sprouting in my raised beds! Yay Team Floret! My 1 favorite team to support! Thank you for all you do to bring joy and beauty into this amazing world.???

My favorite! I am most excited to grow chamomile and borage this season. Sweet peas! They can be a bit challenging with our sudden winter to summer back to winter climate so I am up for trying again. Last year I got only vines and no flowers! How weird. I just want to transport all the beautiful Floret flowers to my garden. Thanks ever! I am most excited to grow ranuculus this year! I have LOVED this flower for so long in pictures, and now that I have space to grow a few flowers this was my must-have!

Its a struggle to narrow it down to just one flower as my favourites keep popping up as the seasons change however I am going to go for sweet peas. I love their delicate tissue like petals and they fill any room they are in with the most wonderful fragrance. The mix of colours now available makes them a cheerful yet stylish gift so yes sweet peas!

It was almost impossible to keep below this limit, this year also. Looking very much forward to try the Amazing Grey poppies and Giant pansy. What I am most excited about this year are however the Dahlias. Since I am not in US I have been reading about your favorites for years without the possibility to buy them. Waiting impatient to plant them. Trying to ignore outside temperature of 15 deg C 59 deg F and keeping in mind that last night of frost is usually end of May in our northern part of world.

I am most excited about my asters this year! So excited to see the Valkyrie Chamois and Lady Coral lavender in person. My sun-filled guest bedroom has turned greenhouse until they are ready to plant outdoors. Thank you for all the hard work and a beautiful resource for aspiring flower gardeners like me.

I am most excited to grow many, many different types of celosia! I love the texture of them and they dry so well! Especially now that I know your trick to extend vase life. Hoping to make sweet little nosegays that my kids can gift to friends throughout the summer :. I purchased your book I think two years ago hoping I would someday be able to grow for farmers markets and small weddings. Now it will become a reality! We have a lot of prep to do this summer but I do have an established cottage garden in front of the house. It has been neglected for four years. I feel empowered by your book.

I look forward to growing so much more, but for now, dahlias will be my focus. Thank you for your wonderful contribution! For me it is your sweetpeas! Thanks for sharing your love of the growing world with us Erin and team! I am hoping the tulips and native flowers will be perfectly timed for Southeast May wedding bouquet my future daughter in law has asked me to create. I want to try anemones and dahlias. Boo to custom restrictions, I would love to order seeds from you. That is a tough decision what flower am I most excited about growing…I always said irises were my favorite flower but then I started growing dahlias and peonies.

I guess I will go with dahlias because there is always the concern if I managed to get them out of the ground in time, stored them properly over the winter and got them back in the ground in time to bloom. By the way…love your book. I borrowed a copy from a friend and expect I will borrow it again next month. As an independent wedding florist I have fallen in love with so many different flowers but I think peonies remain my favourite; in all their pillowy softness and delicate fragrance, I could bury my nose in them all day long.

There is also something special about a flower that is only available for a short window of time. You look forward to it making an appearance year after year. The garden rose and poppy are close second though. The sheer size a poppy can grow to is a real treat! I had some growing up in my backyard, and every spring we would open up the windows to have the smell fill the house! It became my favorite part of spring, excluding the allergies. This year I am very excited to have added dahlias to my garden. Looking forward to the challenge of growing them in hot humid south Louisiana.

I love all flowers but roses have a special place in my heart. My mom grew them and would pick a single stem to put in a vase for our bedrooms. We are going to be building some more raised garden boxes this year since we had so much succes with our first two last year. New house, better growing zone We started with vegetables and now I would like to incorporate some beneficial flowers in with the veggies and have two smaller boxes for zinnias and dalias!!! While I have grown dalias in the past and love them, I am eager to try zinnias.

Wish us luck! And congratulations on the success of your book. Looking forward to the next one! I also just wanted to say how much I love how your story is centered upon your grandparents and how they helped connect you to nature. You can add another country onto your map, as I am reading your book in Finland. It has been such a joy.

Books by Barbara Kennedy

We moved last year and now have a south facing garden where the roses thrive. Setting up new gardens in magic. Congratulations on all your successes! I love checking in on the blog and finding so much inspiration! This year I am most excited about growing some new roses and trying my hand at starting poppies again. I love poppies and hope to have more success with all your helpful planting tips! The snow in the Skagit Valley can stop anytime!! I have a little pack of forget-me-nots tucked away for when the ground has thawed. Oh my goodness! My absolute favorite flower.

How exciting! This year after reading this book I ordered my first seeds, warmer and tray to plant a few flowers in my yard. They were so very beautiful and prolific last year. I had plenty of blossoms to bring in the house and to share with neighbors. Thanks Floret Flowers!! This is my first time growing them and your tutorials have been invaluable! I get a little thrill each time I see a new seedling or find one has had a growth spurt! Boy oh boy!

I am super excited about growing your sweet peas this year AND cafe au lait dahlias! My fingers are crossed that they will knock my socks off! I am so excited for the 3rd floret book! My first garden space and excited to learn how to plant! My favorite are peonies and I love the season they are in bloom. I have some garden space now. So excited for you and looking forward to the future books!

Loved your first book!! Sweet peas for sure! One of my favourite gifts of spring and promise of summer flowers to come. Thank you. Would love a secret garden feel in my actual garden. I love that you have been so successful and you are in my home state. Looking forward to sweet pea blooms. I love all flowers but especially the edible ones, and roses top the list. Love your incredible farm and all you do to promote flower growing!

I have ordered a variety of poppy seeds in soft pastel colors. I have started the seeds with apricot stock seeds. I am so inspired by the beautiful photos in the monthly updates! So excited to learn more about flower farming from such inspiring farmers! Your flowers are amazing! I am excited to continue pursuing my business as a wedding florist with my twin sister this year.

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We are most excited to start using more and more dahlias and I cannot wait to learn more about them in your new book! All of this news is so exciting and wonderful!! How can I pick just one flower? This year I plan to grow armloads of annuals like zinnias, snapdragons, sunflowers in my new raised beds. I also have 25 new dahlias going in. I am excited to grow Zinnias again this year. They bring such joy and beautiful colours into my vegetable garden.

They also attract an array of bees, butterflies and hummingbirds. I can not wait to share these seeds with my mom. She absolutely loves hummingbirds and I hope they can bring her as much joy this growing season! Spring cannot come soon enough to Minneapolis! Keep writing!! White lion narcissus! As a florist, beekeeper and new watercolor artist it has been a wonderful journey. As a hobby I enjoy actually propagating as many flowers and veggies as possible, however just order seeds from you. Through the pages of your website, I get so many inspirations to paint as many flowers from your beautiful fields.

Your Instagram feed and blog have been such an inspiration. I especially love all your tips and educative posts. This year I want to focus a bit on sweet peas. Last year spring was completely wet ,which made it hard to get ground ready. Then it turned to hot summer instantly,made for a tough season. Late summer and fall was prosperous and so much fun having so much color in the garden. It was actually so exciting to cut flowers and bring into house.

It was also fabulous to have oodles of flowers for our picnics. Buckets full on each table was so impressive. Thank you again for your book and blog. I am really excited about growing my cosmos and zinnias!!!! I love truly love roses. I can sink into them and blissfully kids a rose. Appreciate your willingness to share so much of your expertise. Heartful thank you!!!! This is so exciting! There is so much more for me to learn!! Last year I had buckets of zinnias, thanks to your book! This year I have sweet peas already climbing their trellises in San Diego , and Ranuncs bursting into bloom!

I am so grateful— as if your book was not lovely enough to look at over and over and over, my yard is improving by leaps and bounds, and my thumb is getting a bit greener with every season! I love? It is total eye candy!!! I am super excited to see my peonies popping up and cannot wait for their beautiful blooms! Though really…so very hard to choose!!! Nicole SH. I have been gardening for 40 years and my favorite flower to grow are peonies!!!

They are absolutely beautiful! Thank you for all your hard work in putting these books together and for sharing your wonderful tips and treasures!! Your farm, class and book gives me hope. I am so excited to try growing Cosmos and Peonies! Bless you and your team for giving all of us hope and joy. I am really excited to grow larkspur this year! I have been growing in a few raised beds the past few years. Now we have a farm!

Thank you for everything that you share. I bought them for her every week during the last year of her life. So simple but they brought so much joy to her during her illness.

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I love the peonies, though. AND the dahlias. Very excited for that book! Excited to grow zinnias again this season and expanding peonies collection. Cannot wait for planting season to start! I have to thank you for getting me back into gardening! I first read your book at the library. Browsing through it gave me so much energy the gorgeous photos!! I checked it out right away and then bought the book. After reading it, multiple times, I was convinced i too could grow gorgeous flowers!

So far the Narcissus flowers have been my favorite. I am waiting to see how the peonies do. I look forward to planting much more over the years. Thank you for showing us how to grow beautiful flowers and for convincing us that we too could grow something special. Thanks so must for your inspiration!

I have been an avid gardener for many years and am excited to add a small cutting garden to my perennial and shrub gardens this year. I will be growing sweet peas, zinnias, cosmos and dahlias. Can hardly wait! Floret is such an inspiration!!! Thank you for your hard work. Somehow aphids have found their way to my seedlings and love the carnations, so fingers crossed we make it through to flowering!! Something about Floret makes me feel like this could be something attainable and approachable for someone who has never gardened before.

I love anemones so hope to successfully grow them one day! Being from Mount Vernon, I am excited to grow a tulips. They remind me of home. I never liked them as a kid growing up in a small town with tulips everywhere and on everything, but now they bring me a feeling a peace and nostalgia.

I fell in love with this hearty but beautiful flower last year! Iceland poppies have recently won my heart, as well as ranunculus and dahlias. This will be my first attempt at growing sweet peas! Congratulations to you!! Carnations, I want to try carnations, never tried them so it will be fun… Love the colors If they do good I can bring them to work to share with co-workers…. I LOVE your first book and am so, so excited about your 2nd and 3rd book!!

So excited to watch them grow!! Love your flower seeds and excellent growing instructions. I had wonderful sweet peas, zinnias, anemones, bachelor buttons and so much more last season! Customer for life!! Congratulations on book number 3. I just love their lustrous, ball gown-y abundance! I am looking forward to seeing some of the varieties I bought from you come into flower! I read your book for the first time this winter. As a complete beginner in growing my own plants, I will start with Zinnias first. I am very excited to start growing them in a few weeks! So much fun and diversity!

Lets all pray i can actually get them to grow? Our dahlias!!! Super excited about book two AND now book three!! Its like having constant access to a rainbow. I love your book. I absolutely love my Cut flower garden book! I will definitely be purchasing your other books when they come out as well. I am most excited to grow different varieties of sweet peas this year and continue to cut and share them with friends and neighbors!

Thanks for all that you do! I love reading about all aspects of gardening on your farm and particularly enjoy the videos so can we have more of these please. Keep up the great work that you do. The team at Floret are so inspirational. All different colors and types. So excited!!! Congratulations on all the successes! I am excited to grow the carnation seeds that I bought from you, phlox, wallflowers and stock. The phlox and carnation I struggle at so I am excited to give it another go around.

And this is my first try at the wallflowers. We are excited to grow our first flower garden this year. In the PNW I love to give daffodils to friends in early spring to remind them the sun is coming back! I am so ready for some madame butterfly snaps! I loved the first book! I am looking forward to books 2 and 3. We are finishing up construction on our new home in the next few weeks and I look forward to planting hydrangeas and peonies. I am so looking forward to trying to grow rudbeckia sahara… Thank you for sharing your huge success with us your readers and fans!

I bought your book this past summer and am so excited to try my first round of dalias this year! So inpried by everything you do! The Cut Flower Garden arrived on my doorstep as the planning of our first season was in full swing. I reached for it constantly while planting, harvesting and arranging our first blooms. Your seeds, passion and knowledge will always be a part of our gardens!

I am most excited to grow zinnias and cosmos in my tiny balcony in the city. Thanks to you magic will happen in my small garden in Poland! I was at my local Costco the last month and saw they were selling a grow kit that included a peony. I always thought So. Every year I try growing different varieties and without fail, every year zinnias steal the show!

I am most excited to start growing California Poppies this year! The colors are just gorgeous and we finally have some land freed up to plant some! This will be my first year planning a cut flower garden and growing anything from seeds. Thank you so much for sharing your gift with this community and being an inspiration to new gardeners like me. I am looking forward to seeing what does well in my garden and have selected a variety of seeds to try this year. I am super excited to grow Chantilly snapdragons this year!

Congratulations on the success of the first book, the completed manuscript of the second and contract for the third! My dream is to grow a wild glower meadow in my suburban front yard which will include lots of Ranunculi. Thank you for all your educational information and wonderful pictures! My failures last year were many, but a beautiful sunflower that bloomed was partly what encouraged me to try again this year!

I paint watercolors of poppies alot and your poppies are just incredible. You are so very inspiring…… peace, CheyAnne cheyannesexton on Instagram And cheyannesexton on Etsy too. A modern flower shop selling freshly picked local farm flowers! Congrats on your book news!

Thank you so much!? I am looking forward to growing more dahlias this summer. I want to own all of your books and start a huge healing community flower garden. Flowers are magical??? What am I NOT excited to plant this year?!? Thank you for sharing your passion with us. I love growing flowers and a vegetable garden both are good for my soul.

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I am excited for dahlias this year. I love all flowers and I would love to cultivate a garden that evolves through the seasons! My favorite are the spring flowers; hyacinth, tulips, signaling the end of winter and break into the warmer months! I am very excited for the coming growing season. Most of all because it will be my first year with more cutflowers dan vegetables in my producegarden. And yes, that is because of the Floret blog and book. You make it seem achievable even for the non-commercial grower.

But I did manage to get seeds of Rudbeckia triloba and I am really looking forward to that one. In your pictures it looks like a yellow cloud of wild flowers. Congratulations on the third book! Sweat peas! Now it just needs to stop snowing in Seattle …. Most excited to grow and give sweet peas! They are ever so delicate, but pack a colorful punch. Thank you for all of the inspiration, and for reinvigorating the joy of growing and giving flowers, simply for the pleasure and joy they bring :.

Thank you so much for generously sharing your wisdom and encouragement! This year I am excited to grow Sweet Annie and some new varieties of rudbeckia! My first from Floret! Im most excited to plant sunflowers! My son picked them out so it will be our spring project together. Good luck everyone!! Grow bigger than ever before! I am so excited to read your book. Thanks for all you do to inspire us immensely. Congratulations on the book deals and all the new happenings in your life! I have the most success with hydrangeas and have over 20 of them planted around our home.

So, I live vicariously through your beautiful pictures. Thanks for bringing a smile to my face every time I pick up your book, read your blog, and check your Instagram posts! Walking in Ireland at the moment. Fields of daffodils in the most inexpected of places: beauty will save the world.

Thank you for sharing your vision of beauty with us. I am so excited for these new books to come out!!! Cut Flower Garden has been my sanity through these cold winter months in Utah, adding a splash of color to our white world here. My newborn baby and I read the headings while snuggling on our couch, and look at the pictures together.