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President Bachelet on Women's Leadership in Latin America

In , she became the Defense Minister, making her the first woman to hold this position in Chile and Latin America. Under her direction, important changes were made to the Compulsory Military Service, the role of the Ministry and the Military Staff was strengthened, rights for women in the Armed Forces, Police and Investigatory Police were improved, and more Chilean peacekeeping forces were deployed across the world. In March of , after winning widespread support in elections the previous year, Bachelet became the first female President of the Republic, marking the beginning of a period where the government focused on achieving greater equality and social inclusion in Chile.

On September 14th, , United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon named Michelle Bachelet the first Director of the recently created UN Women agency, an organization dedicated to fighting for the rights of women and girls internationally.

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On March 27th, , Michelle Bachelet returned to Chile and publicly shared her decision to once again become a Presidential candidate, confirming her dedication to public service and to those Chileans who feel she possesses the necessary leadership skills that the country needs. Her scholarly interests include modern Latin America, Chile, and the comparative histories of family, childhood, and gender, and law and social inequality. Registration is required. Users must have their Columbia University LionMail credentials active when registering.

American politics is more depressing than ever, filled with mediocrities parroting inanities about tax cuts as the economy sinks deeper into debt. My trip to Chile, however, was a special pleasure on three counts. The second is to see an economy that works.

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The third, however, is equally exciting: To see a political system that works once again after a devastating collapse. Seventeen years of hard military dictatorship followed. The economic improvements during the final years of military rule could not by themselves heal the deeply scarred and divided society. What Chileans of all parts of society recognized after is the irreplaceable social value of moderation, trust, respect for expertise, and the pursuit of truth in public management.

In America, by contrast, political propaganda becomes increasingly extreme.

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  5. The right-wing demonization of Barack Obama as a foreign-born, Islamic, socialist cynically toys with the fires of hatred. Chileans know now that such is the path to ruin.

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    View all New York Times newsletters. All are enormously talented and moderate, and all are over-brimming with integrity. Chile has been free not only of rancorous division for two decades, but also of any significant corruption scandal.

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    These world-class leaders have been repeatedly called to global duty. Ricardo Lagos serves as global envoy on climate change for U. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon. Bachelet has just become the new head of U. The government operates with a long-term view of fiscal sustainability.

    The budget moves into surplus in boom times in order to finance the deficits during busts. Such policy rules are the result of careful study and deliberation. Thoughtful reports turn into highly astute and consensus-based policies. When the February earthquake struck, Finance Minister Larrain was able to form a broad political consensus on a bold and responsible plan for financing reconstruction.

    World Leaders Forum with President Michelle Bachelet - CU Global Thought

    This was a crucial and elegant feat for a disaster that has cost an estimated 18 percent of G. The country has roared back. Chile will reap the benefits of this deep investment in its future.